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10430 SAMOBOR · Svetonedeljska Cesta 11  
tel: 01 3336-900 · fax: 01 3336-900 

Established in 1992., MM-prom is one of leading companies on croatian market for retail and wholesale of metal products, and metal furniture fittings. MM-prom is private owned company with headquater in Perkovčeva 4, Samobor, Croatia.

Our main goal is quality of our products. Our retail offers more than five thousand articles for hobby programm as well as proffesional programm.

Our individual approach to each customer and very acceptable prices enable us very important place on croatian market.

Constantly investing in new technology, new desings and ideas we expanded our buisiness and since 1999. we started with production of alu profiles for furniture frames. Today we have product lines for six different models of profiles. Also, we started production of slide alu frames for cabinets.

Thank You for visiting our site and we hope that our retail, wholesale and products will fulfill your requirements.

Yours MM-Prom

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MM-PROM d.o.o. · Svetonedeljska Cesta 11 · 10430 Samobor · tel: 01 3336-900 · fax: 01 3336-900
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